Puss in Boots - The Great Adventure App Reviews

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Bad banjo playing and cat meowing lol

A funny twist on the old classic. Loved it!

nicely done!

Puss in Boots - The Great Adventure brings a new twist to an old tale. This interactive story can be read to you or you can choose to read it yourself. A nice touch in the read to myself portion, is that if you do get stuck, you can tap on the text, and it will be read to you. The illustrations are gorgeous, and if you tap on the characters you sometimes get to read what they are thinking - which is really funny! Additions such as these, increase the interactivity between parent and child and makes the book come to life. There are however, unsecured links on the title page, and links on the reading pages under the "i". I would have given this 5 stars however the links were just too accessible. Little hands are so quick in finding the buttons we don't want them to push! Recommended.

New twist on old story, but please decrease outside links

Puss in Boots - The Great Adventure presents a new storyline twist on the classic tale, while intertwining elements of the original story into the new one. The book has beautiful graphics and narration. There are hotspots on the pages to discover pop-ups and sounds. There are some interesting vocabulary words to learn, too. The book has Read It Myself and Read To Me links, as well as 2 very prominently displayed outside links which will lead to Facebook, Twitter, and iTunes. It would be great if future updates situated the outside advertisement links away from little fingers. The 2 current outside links are featured right where children will click to read the book. Rating was lower due to the outside links.

Beautiful illustration

Love the book and story.

Beautifully illustrated, designed & narrated

This book is so charmingly crafted. The story of Puss in Boots is creatively retold and beautifully illustrated & designed. Fun to follow along with the story in multiple languages. Little pop up interactions are creative and unobtrusive. Definitely recommend this and Blue Quoll's other story app, Mr. Wolf.

Give book apps an iBook effect

The interaction in the app books is great with animation, sound etc however it may also cause distraction from thinking creatively while reading the actual text in the story. For this reason please add an option for the following. 1. Lock animation I.e. the interactions 2. lock pop ups 3. Lock read to me option 4. Create a parental control for the books with a math problem to access it

Doesn't read

The story is nice but the app does not read as it should do....

Puss in boots

Fun story for little ones. Some of the cloud writing was too abstract for them but the reader liked it.

Muy bueno

Me encanto

Puss in boots keeps my toddler entertained

The app reacts to touch, making it interestingly interactive.

Wonderful Story

Love the book, love the illustrations, love the music! Great story, highly recommend!

Puss in boots

My 23 month old daughter loved it!


3 year old daughter loves it

I enjoyed it very much

A cute story, the children loved it

Fun story

Not sure if it replicates the original, but my 6-old liked it, and could read most of it herself. Enjoyable pictures and fairly interactive. The rating is my daughter's.

Puss in Boots?

It was a good story but was not the the way it was told when I was growing up. It's different then the Puss in Boots that I read as a child. Still it's a good book to help my kids go to sleep.

Doesn't work

When you tap the app, it says “Blue Quoll,smart apps for smart kids and nothing happens.

Just lovely!

What a lovely app. Had been a while since I read this tale, can't wait to show it to my nephews!


And that's about it. Not very intertaining. I pass even for free but thanks. 👎

Puss in boots

Adorable story and illustrations! Thank you so much!

Puss in boots

O.m.g that story was so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!& I liked it a lot it was long too!!! Is there any more story's?


Gourgeous ilustration and nice narrative. Well done, again!



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